New Creation Childbirth Services

Providing gentle, caring home birth services in western Massachusetts


Home birth reduces:
  • the risk of infection
  • risks from unnecessary interventions·
  • maternal morbidity rates from complications and                                 interventions·
  • risks from errors in hospitals·
  • interference in bonding and breastfeeding from hospital                       policies
  • risks from poor staffing levels in hospitals·
  • the risks of tampering with the baby

Home birth provides:
  • safe, familiar and private surroundings for labor and birth·
  • woman-centered care during pregnancy, labor, and birth·
  • family-oriented birth with no strangers present·
  • an opportunity for immediate bonding and breastfeeding
  • less disruption and stress for the whole family
  • affirmation that birth is a normal and profound life event

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Mission Statement

 To uphold the pregnancy of each woman as unique and special by allowing a woman to determine the level of care and participation that she is comfortable with and bringing focus to the empowering process of birth.