New Creation Childbirth Services

Providing accessible and affordable home birth services in western Massachusetts

New Creation Childbirth Services     
Providing accessible and affordable home birth services in western and central Massachusetts and the Berkshires

Home birth provides:

  • safe, familiar and private surroundings for labor and birth
  • woman-centered care during pregnancy, labor, and birth
  • family-oriented birth with no strangers present
  • an opportunity for immediate bonding and   breastfeeding
  • less disruption and stress for the whole family
  • affirmation that birth is a normal and profound life event

Home birth reduces:

  • the risk of infection
  • risks from unnecessary interventions
  • maternal morbidity rates from complications and interventions¬∑
  • risks from errors in hospitals
  • interference in bonding and breastfeeding from hospital policies
  • risks from poor staffing levels in hospitals   
  • the risks of tampering with the baby

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Mission Statement

 To uphold the pregnancy of each woman as unique while bringing focus to the empowering process of birth and offering a woman the opportunity to determine what level of care and participation that she is comfortable with .